Dr. Bishop Benoni Y. Ogwal-Abwang


Address: Uganda
Brief info

Dr. Bishop Benoni Y. Ogwal-Abwang was born, raised, and educated in Uganda and married for 47 years to Dr. Evangelist Alice Okoth-Ogwal, who passed in June of 2018.
At Bishop Tucker Theological College, Ukono, I graduated with UDip (Makerere University) (1966-68), Bachelor of Ministry (University of Western Ontario, London Ont. Canada, (1972-74) DD UWO (1975), Doctorate in Christian Theology. (2009).
He was ordained Deacon and Priest in 1969 by Martyred Archbishop Janani Luwum, who also presided over our wedding (1971) and Consecration as Bishop of Northern Uganda (1974) been elected Bishop of Northern Uganda when he was a student at the University of Western Ontario.

 He served as Bible Translator into Acholi (1964-65), Curate at Christ Church, Gulu (1969), Church of Uganda Assistant Provincial Secretary for Refugees and Training (1970-72). Consecrated Bishop of Northern Uganda (1974-1989).

Driven into Exile in Canada by President Idi Amin in 1977 -1980 after killing or murdering Archbishop Janani Luwum. In 1987-to present was in Exile in the US due to persecution.  We formed GDBM in 2019 and registered as a Non-Profit Christion Organization in the US, and we are Ministering in Uganda.

I am presently in Uganda doing Ministries during the Covid-19 Pandemic and giving Acholi Bibles to newly born-again Christians.

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